Are you ready to have the most fantastic holiday season ever?  Yes?

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Here's why I'm doing this:
Well...the holidays can be a little overwhelming, right?  And sometimes...not as much fun as we wish they'd be.

And honestly, it is no fun at all to feel miserable or less-than-happy when everyone around you appears (and that’s the operative word here) to be having the time of their lives.  And feeling low just ruins the whole holiday season, doesn’t it?  I mean, who wants that?  This is a time of parties and family and friends and wine and...and...and, so let’s do whatever we can to enjoy it and revel, yes, REVEL, in the abundance!
Put another way: you're not going to feel the abundance if you're not supporting yourself in choosing to feel abundant.  Instead, odds are you'll feel overwhelmed.  Which really is a bummer, especially at this time of year.

So I’m going to give you some of my favorite tips on how to feel awesomely abundant, which will make you feel awesomely happy.  And will make the people around you happy, because when you’re happy, other people are too!

See? Win-win-win!

Join me on Wednesday, December 6th at 8pm EST/5pm PST for some foolproof tips and tools to have a ridiculously abundant holiday season!

This call is for you if you:

  • Want to actually ENJOY the holidays!
  • Want easy and doable action steps to help you manage your money during holiday time.
  • Would like to know how to say NO to the things that you don't actually want to do!
  • Need some support on how to get through the holidays after losing a loved one

We'll go into some of my favorite ways to do ALL these things...and MORE!

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I strongly encourage you to make the live call because I'll be giving out some seriously awesome goodies, but if you can't, you'll get access to the recording.


Eryka is an abundance coach, a fierce cheerleader, a licensed social worker, and a former registered representative with a leading financial services company. She combines these approaches to support her clients in freeing them from the limiting beliefs and scarcity mentality that keep from achieving their full potential.  She has an insatiable desire to free the planet from struggle and inequality, and is on a mission to overthrow the tyranny of the gremlins in our minds that limit us. Learn more at

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